the #aftermath

The past few weeks have been a complete roller coaster. First there was packing up my house, my store, my family and evacuating from our life here in Cocoa Beach. And then I watched helplessly as that monster storm churned toward Florida and everything I love only to return home to the weird energy it left behind.

There is just so much emotion in every step of preparing for and weathering a hurricane. It really doesn't matter if you stay or go... the exhaustion seeps into your bones and turns your brain to mush. It's like we are all walking around in a zombie-like state just waiting for the moment 'normal' returns.

For the first time in weeks....GG&R is finally back in business! I've decided to spend the next few weeks spreading love & healing while hopefully supporting some of the other local businesses whom I love who are also hurting from the storm. I am going to start by offering free delivery for what I'm calling '#aftermath Care Packages' and then offering an '#aftermath Art Therapy' session with Sheri Stewart from Bali Studios.

#aftermath Care Packages - Know someone that could use a little love after the stress of the past few weeks? Give them a little love from GG&R! We've got lots of jewelry, home decor and gifts starting at just $5! You can shop online or give me a call and I can put together the perfect gift to make anyone smile.

#aftermath Art Therapy - Our very talented friend Sheri Stewart who owns Bali Studios here in Cocoa Beach was hit hard by the storm... her art studio flooded during Irma. She will be guiding us in a little "#aftermath Art Therapy" session at GG&R on Thursday Sept 28th at 6:00pm. Cost is $20/person and there will be wine (of course). Hope you can join us!

For everyone still dealing with the aftermath of all three hurricanes this season.... prayers for hope and love.

xo ~Kate


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