Viva Las Vegas!

It's official. I'm headed to the biggest Fashion Market in the world this week....MAGIC in .....LAS VEGAS! (and I'm dragging Alex with me lol)

It's so completely crazy that GGandR has grown to the company it is today. It's truly a dream come true and to be actually going to meet these designers and brands in person. I hope to pick up some immediates for spring/summer and can't wait to see what they are showing for fall!

But I have to admit it is all a little overwhelming. The Market spans two convention centers. There is literally miles of fashion to comb through over this 3 day event. Luckily I've managed to make some contacts already and hook into MAGIC's concierge service to make sure I get to see all the brands and designers that fit the GG&R brand.

My goal is to blog about the trip so you can see first hand what the upcoming trends are and some of the fun that goes into selecting pieces for GG&R.

So stay tuned! It's going to be a crazy week!

xo ~Kate

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