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  • the #aftermath

    The past few weeks have been a complete roller coaster. First there was packing up my house, my store, my family and evacuating from our life here in Cocoa Beach. And then I watched helplessly as that monster storm churned toward Florida and everything I love only to return home to the weird ener... View Post
  • Kantha Quilts with a Purpose...

    I first went looking for kantha quilts to put in the shop to bring some color and texture to the white walls. I saw them in a few places but then I came across these one-of-a-kind Kantha Quilts made from recycled sari's. Then I saw WHO was stitching them together and I immediately got chills. Th... View Post
  • GG&R Summer West Coast Tour Update

    California. What is there really to say except it's just so beautiful here. Living in Florida you forget the peacefulness and beauty being in the mountains bring and the way the ocean is so vastly different. It's majestic. Our trip out here so far has been amazing. We've made some great contacts ... View Post