• Tiny Worlds

    I have always loved terrariums. There's just something intriguing about a tiny contained world in  a beautiful glass sphere hanging, dangling, appearing like an unexpected delight randomly in the room as if out of nowhere. I dream and imagine a different world existing within our world.  They ar... View Post
  • Here in Northern California we are in right in the start of this wonderful time of year known as Indian Summer. What this means to me is warm, sunny summerlike days and cooler more fall-like mornings and evenings. During this time of year the temperature can fluctuate extremely from morning to e... View Post
  • September is official cleanse month for as noted in a previous post. That being duly noted I will admit to a cheat day here and there. I think cheat days are important when trying to stick to a long term plan of healthy eating and lifestyle choices. When I have a cheat day though I do try to ma... View Post