When we were discussing how to launch our store food was a big part of the discussion. Hilarious because we are talking clothing & jewelry and why would food even enter the discussion right?

It just seems so intuitive to nourish our guests and customers. We wanted to have an inclusive welcoming environment and so the food, the flowers, the music were all key factors to our launch.

Based on the reactions of the guests I think the food went a long way in making people feel welcome and comfortable.

We had a smoked salmon platter with crème fraiche and capers and tiny diced raw onions.

We felt that launching in Florida we had to have a delicious fresh fruit platter and the mango’s and cherries and cantaloup were all so inviting.


Of course we did cheeses and crackers. The Midnight Moon, Manchego and Triple Crème Brie hit the spot.

And finally we made a green goddess dip and a yogurt and feta and herb dip that were perfect with crudités and pita chips. I will post the recipes for those dips in the next blogs.