September Cleanse

Well here we are heading full force into fall. After a whirlwind summer of family, fun, travel, trunk shows and parties it’s time to slow down for a minute. I always find September to be a good month to pull back a bit and try to get myself back on a more healthy track. The kids are back in school, it’s getting darker earlier, the cook-outs and pool parties are slowing down or are confined to week-ends. It’s a great month to try and get some good habits back in our routines because really what goes on in September? Labor Day of course but other than that not much. So I usually do a September Cleanse month. For me this consists of 30 days of clean eating, intermittent juice or broth only days and abstinence from alcohol and sugar. I find after 3 days only, I’m sleeping better. My skin looks awesome and people are commenting. Usually my friends will stop me and ask what skin care products I’m using. It really is that noticeable.

So, in the middle of this Labor Day week-end I found myself drinking delicious mocktails, making lovely juices with friends and enjoying a fantastic dinner of Salmon, nori, raw veggies, brown rice and a fantastic sauce made from Sriracha, lemon juice and soy. The mocktails were made with club soda, fresh mint, cucumber and a squeeze of lemon juice. The kids swam and the adults played and listened to music and did fresh juice shots instead of liquor shots. And here I am on Sunday morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to do it all again.

We made a few different juice combo’s. I use a Breveille juicer in case anyone is interested. One of my favorite juices from yesterday was:

  • Apple
  • Beet
  • Carrot
  • Ginger
  • Parsley

The great thing about the Breveille is that it is so easy! You don’t peel anything. You just wash and cut into big chunks and throw it all in, skin, stems and all. I would recommend removing rinds from citrus and melons though because I think they leave a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

So Happy Labor Day week-end everyone! I hope it’s spent with family & friends & good food & music.