Pitchers of Water

We are a bi-coastal company here at Ginger Grapefruit & Rosemary. One sister on the East Coast of Florida one sister on the West Coast of Northern California.

Although we are both right next to an ocean, Atlantic & Pacific respectively, our climates couldn’t be more different.

Florida is hot and humid but often a delightful ocean breeze blows over the canals in Cocoa Beach.

Marin County is dry, temperate, although we do have some very hot days and in the middle of a colossal drought. Our drought has reached such serious levels that we who live here are now under mandatory water conservation rules. All Californians are now highly encouraged to practice Xeriscaping for our landscaping choices. In case you are not familiar with Xeriscape it is the practice of landscaping with plants and grasses that require very little water to thrive and flourish. I have seen some very cool Xeriscaped environments lately.

I have though a lot about water in the past couple of years and especially water conservation and water as a resource and a necessity for life. We as a species need water to survive. It is essential. We take it so for granted. I am of the belief that water conservation is not only California’s problem, or shouldn’t be. I think it is important for everyone to think about water and the small ways we can conserve and make the most of the water we do have.

In no way is the meant to be a preachy post. It is just something that I have been thinking about. Because I have found that I have made little changes in my habits and they are so easy and now I do them with out even thinking about it, it has become second nature.

One little easy thing I have incorporated into my routine is simple. Often when I am washing my dishes I run the water to heat it up so I can rinse or soak with hot water. Right? We all do that. Well now instead of letting that water run down the drain I catch it in pitchers and use it to water my plants. I do this in the shower too with buckets. Maybe it’s not a big change. And maybe it is making a tiny difference or maybe not, but I feel better about not letting that water run down the drain.