Here in Northern California we are in right in the start of this wonderful time of year known as Indian Summer. What this means to me is warm, sunny summerlike days and cooler more fall-like mornings and evenings. During this time of year the temperature can fluctuate extremely from morning to evening. It may start out in the 50’s in the morning and by 2 or 3pm it is up to 75 or so then back down to the 50’s for evening and night. Needless to say for a lifelong Floridian it took me a while to get the hang of dressing for this transitional weather. In Florida, you wake up in the morning and it is hot. Then it becomes afternoon and it is hotter. Then evening arrives and it is mildly less hot. One outfit generally works all day.

In Northern Cal I usually wake up and am freezing and want cozy warm clothes. Then mid-day I need to shed a layer or two and then I will gradually add them back. For me this means cozy patterned wraps and layering T’s and light sweaters and leggings and maybe a vest or a flannel long sleeve button down.

Fall is definitely a great time of year no matter where you live. I love the way the light shifts and slants and the sun is lower and closer to the earth. It's always fun to change up our look for a new season. Light gauzy sweaters seem to work in most locations and are just the thing for the days and evenings that have just that touch of chill to them.