Tiny Worlds

I have always loved terrariums. There's just something intriguing about a tiny contained world in  a beautiful glass sphere hanging, dangling, appearing like an unexpected delight randomly in the room as if out of nowhere. I dream and imagine a different world existing within our world. 

They are fun and whimsical and silly and serve no purpose other than to bring a smile to your face. To the more imaginative among us maybe they serve as a reminder that the world is full of infinite possibilities. Maybe they just look pretty. I don't know. All I know is that they are fun to make and bring joy and lightness and the happy jolt of the unexpected to ordinary living spaces.

So recently my son and I made some different terrariums to put around our house. We started with fun sparkly things to make them shiny and pretty.

You can start with glitter sand or glitter or regular sand or whatever you want for the base. My son made one with a beach scene. His own vision. So he started with yellow glitter sand, then added a little deer moss in the back that looked like seaweed, then a little plastic turtle and a shell he found on the beach in Charleston. I wanted to add an epiphyte (plant that lives on air) but it wasn't in his vision so we skipped it. I like to use epiphytes in my terrariums because then you can hang them and you don't really have to water them. Tillandsia is a great thing to use. Bromeliads, Spanish Moss, Orchids, they are all air plants. However, you will have to water orchids. If you live in Florida or Georgia or anywhere tropical or sub tropical you will be able to go outside and just find a lot of these things in your yard and use them. If you live in California like me you have to pay for them (shocking to this Florida girl)!

The succulents do need watering but very very little or they will rot. You can add many fun silly things to your terrariums to make them silly or holiday themed or whatever them you want. I keep a bunch of random little doodads for art projects and we take these little wonders out and use them for terrariums.

Also you will want to use different mosses for texture and color and layers. And there are fun moss rocks and lichens and other things you can find at your garden center to make your little world interesting and green.

The beach glass and colored pebbles make a good and pretty layer too. You can use thread and pretty fabric scraps. Basically anything that you like can be added.

I think my favorite terrarium that we made was a Halloween themed one using tiny orange glitter pumpkins, tiny skulls and tillandsia and glitter sand.

Whatever you do, it's your world so have fun and be creative and make anything you like.