C+T Wine Club

C+T Monthly Wine Club Subscription:

Wanted: Wine Snobs of all pedigrees. 

Here at Cork + Table we just like good wine. While our personal palates vary greatly we have come to understand good wine wine isn't necessarily based on price point... it's mostly about what you think is good.

Subscribe to our monthly Wine Club subscription to sample the best wines we can get our hands on! The levels of subscription to our Wine Club are loosely based on your level of wine snobbery.  ;)

C+T Wine Club levels:

  • Patio Pounder $30:
    • If you are a Patio Pounder you love smooth wines that can be enjoyed on the patio surrounded by good food and friends. Usually this means you need more than one bottle on the patio. (No judgement here) As they say... "What happens on the patio...."
    • Each month you will receive 1 red bottle and 1 white bottle of our 'Standard' Wine of the Month picks. As a Patio Pounder you also receive 10% off any wine bottle purchase  and 15% off cases.
  • Pseudo Wino $60:
    • As a Pseudo Wino you love to find unique wines and have friends who know not to bring convenience store bottles into your home. In fact most friends know if they drop by you are always good for a glass of great wine.
    • Each month you will receive 2 of our 'High End' Wine of the Month picks. As a Pseudo Wino you also receive 10% off any wine bottle purchase  and 15% off cases.
  • Rogue Sommelier $100
    • Ahhh... the  pièce de résistance. A tell tale sign this may be you is you actually have wine bottles in your house that aren't empty and that you are saving for a 'special occasion'. You may also have a special wine suitcase you travel with because hey you can't be without good wine... right?
    • Each month you will receive 2 Bottles of our 'High End'  and 2 bottles of our 'Standard' Wine of the Month picks. As a C+T Rogue Sommelier Level Member you also receive 10% off any wine bottle purchase, 15% off cases, one - $20 Wine Flight during one of our weekly wine tastings for the month of purchase and an invitation to our Exclusive Quarterly Rogue Wine Events.


  • Wine Club Subscriptions are for pick up only and can be picked up any time after the 1st of the month.