• Azienda Agricola Ricchi Garda Merlot Carpino

Azienda Agricola Ricchi Garda Merlot Carpino

$40.00 USD

Innovation is the impetus that has always marked an evolutionary path for our continued growth. The continual renovation of several rooms in our cellars has been carried out in chronological order, in rotation, and it follows the various stages of production. A highly organized and specialized production process, based on the quality and type of product, comes to life in our winery which is equipped with the latest technology. Pneumatic presses, de-stemmer/ crusher, specialized tanks with cooling systems for strict temperature control during fermentation, an automated and computerized system for pumping over to break the cap and for red grape maceration and filters for cleaning must. The wines are then racked and left to mature in large tanks before bottling. The maturation and secondary fermentation of our sparkling wines by the classic method is carried out in our underground ageing cellars, where we pay great attention to detail, right down to the arrangement of the bottles. A new room has been used for the aging of wine in wooden barrels. These barrels are stored in strictly controlled environmental conditions. The production cycle all the way through the bottling of our wines takes place on site which guarantees the quality of our products.