• Cà Montebello di Luigi Scarani, Oltrepò Pavese Moscato

Cà Montebello di Luigi Scarani, Oltrepò Pavese Moscato

$16.00 USD

The ‘Cà Montebello’ Agricultural Estate stretches across the lower hills with its flourishing vineyards on an imposing land-scape in the province of Pavia.
The area of “Montebello” mentioned on antique maps, showed the origin of a feud belonging to the Arnaboldi domain, as one of the most valuable areas for the cultivation of vineyards. After which the Scarani family vine growers for generations, consolidated the wine tradition that guaranteed the continuity of quality and excellence of its wines, appreciated by generations of connoisseurs.
“A family company”, in the true sense of the word, an indissoluble combination that characterizes work which is always linked to the charisma and the personality of people who work respecting both nature and the territory. At Cà Montebello along side the owner Luigi Scarani, a skillful, extrovert and “true wine Maestro”, collaborate, his wife Ines, his son Alberto responsible for commercial relationships with the world market and Cristina extremely bright and creative in the “oenology art”.
The natural vocation of calcareous-clay land, favorably exposed by the eastern and western sun rays, together with the constant and passionate dedication of which the vines are cultivated, with absolute respect for the environment, healthy and natural ripening of the grapes result, the rewards for the labor of a year’s work and the ‘beginning’ of a new challenge in searching for quality and perfection.
The wine tastings and the visits to the cellar have become strength of Cà Montebello; visitors remain fascinated by the environment, a place where time seems to have stood still, allowing themselves to be seduced by the extraordinary hospitality of the owners and the captivating taste of wines that balance perfectly with the taste of traditions.

Slightly effervescent hints of peach and apricot.