• Super Sophie Flight Donation

Super Sophie Flight Donation

$10.00 USD

Dear friends-

I’m really heartbroken at the moment. I just found out Super Sophie’s mom, Mary, and her brother Gabriel’s trip to Cocoa Beach might not happen due to transportation issues. 

Mary is devastated. 

Here I thought she was tucked away with friends at the beach during this difficult time of Sophie’s birthday and Thanksgiving but she wasn’t able to go.... and now she’s equally heartbroken at the thought of not being here in Cocoa Beach as we honor Super Sophie this Saturday at the Angel Walk. 

I’m asking for your help to bring Mary & Gabriel here to Florida tomorrow. I’ve set up a donation link on my website to purchase flights for Mary & Gabriel. I know you’ve been bombarded with asks lately but even $10 or $20 would go a long way. 

TO DONATE: You can click the link below to donate or call/text me or drop off a check and I can also accept PayPal or Venmo

Thank you in advance. 💖

Much love,